A dynamic, self-starting developer
with a responsive approach to site development.

Creative, detail-oriented, software engineer with a deep interest in front end development. Proven track record of creating and implementing successful front and back end web applications. Looking to bring my skills to a tech company with global reach.

Things I Can Do

I currently work in Javascript, React, Node.js, HTML, and CSS, focusing on responsive and accessible web applications.

  • Develop and build front-end web applications
  • Collaborate with a team of developers to build modern and responsive web apps
  • Create organized code based on industry standard practices
  • Focus work on user accessibility for web apps

A Few Accomplishments

The projects below demonstrate my commitment to developing web applications with the modern and responsive design.

Task Application

Created a task tracking application that was a test to learn React. Created fully within React utilizing functional components, as well as the basics of backend on a local machine.

Arlo Restaurant

I worked on this project as a challenge to myself to create a fully responsive website, all within vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Cast - A Weather App

Created a weather app that takes openWeatherMap API to fetch weather anywhere. Utilizes Async / Await to fetch and return data.